Annual Prize Winners

Oracles of the Bush Senior Poetry Results 2010

Adult Sections Written:  

1. A Humorous Theme -

Winner:      Peter Mace  "A Bushy's Trip to Sydney"

Commended:  Zandrae King (East Corrimal)  "Chocolate"

2. Celebrating a Caring Legend

Winner:       Lionel Euston "The Ballad of Bernard O'Reilly"  

Commended:  Maureen Clifford   "Legend of the Glasshouse Mountains" 

Adult Sections Performance:  

3.  "The Patsy Award" - best performance by a novice

Winner: Tom Taylor

4. Original Work 

Winner:     Paddy O'Brien

5. By Other Poets

Winner:     Dennis Scanlon


Junior Sections Written:

6. Infants

Winner:           Angus Koch  (S.H.P.M.S.) - "Legend Creek"

Oracles Prize:  Alexander Searle (St. Joseph's) - "My Nan"

                       Courtney Watt (S.H.P.M.S.) - "My Farm"

                       Evie Whitton (S.H.P.M.S.) - "Our Ducks"


7. Primary (9 & Under)                                                                 

Winner:           Tim Policaro  (St. Joseph's)  -"The Flood"                  

Oracles Prize:  Connor Barratt (S.H.P.M.S.) - "The Bush"

                       Grace Clothier (St. Joseph's) - "The Washing Machine"

                       Lewis Whitton (St. Joseph's) - "Grandpa's Bobcat"

Commended:  Will Brown  (St. Joseph's) "I Love Pizza"

                       Sonya Campbell (S.H.P.M.S) - "Brown Snake"

8. Primary  (10 and over)

Winner:            Jayden Ash  (St. Joseph's)  - "Poppy and Me" 

                       Jake Brown (St. Joseph's) - "Dream Ride"

Oracles Prize:  Mitchell Austin (St. Joseph's) - "The Game of Cricket"

                       Georgia O'Neill (St. Joseph's) - "Campdrafting"

                       Luke Smith (St. Joseph's) - "Bull Ants at the Bush"

Commended:  Joshua Gower (St. Joseph's)  - "The Rusty House" 

                       Katie Hickey (S.H.P.M.S) - "Australia at the Beach"   

                       Alex Policaro (St. Joseph's) - "Cattle Work"

Junior Sections Performance:

10. Tenterfield Shire Primary

Winner:           Caleb Kilpatrick (S.H.P.M.S) 

Oracles Prize:  Patricia Willoughby (S.H.P.M.S)