Annual Prize Winners

Oracles of the Bush Senior Poetry Results 2009

Adult Sections Written:  

1. A Humorous Theme -

Winner:      Zandrae King (East Corrimal)  "Strike Me Pink"

Commended:  Lionel Euston (Pialba)    "Hell's Angel Godiva"

Commended:  Kym Eitel (Limestone Creek) "Bernie the Ballerina"

2. Battler Spirit, Larrikin or Contemporary Concerns                           

Winner: Kym Eitel (Limestone Creek) "Eleven Miles"

Commended:  Zandrae King (East Corrimal)   "Ladies of the Land" 

Commended:  Commended:  Graham Johnson (West Ryde) "The Currency Kids" Adult Sections Performance:  


Adult Sections Performance:  

3.  "The Patsy Award" - best performance by a novice

Winner: Bruce Lewis

4. Original Work 

Winner:     Susan Carcary

5. By Other Poets

Winner:     Susan Carcary        


Junior Sections Written:

6. Infants

Winner:  Sam Fittler (St. Joseph's) - "Echidnas"

Oracles Prize:  Alanna Melling (St. Joseph's) - "Bushfire"

Highly Commended:  Tia Campbell  (St. Joseph's) - "Birds"

7. Primary (9 & Under)                                                                 

Winner:   Tim Policaro  (St. Joseph's)  -"The Fierce Goat"                  

Oracles Prize:   Jacqueline Van Akker  (S.H.P.M.S.) - "Bush Tale" 

Highly Commended:  Trent Pulford  (St. Joseph's) "The Calves"

8. Primary  Over 10

Winner:  Jayden Ash  (St. Joseph's)  - "Aussie Chook" 

Oracles Prize:  Rory Whitton (St. Joseph's) - "It's Going Round"

Highly Commended:  Hannah Whitton (St. Joseph's)  - "The Christmas Calf" 

9. Secondary

Winner:  Ambre Woodward (T.H.S.) - "Lost Love"


Junior Sections Performance:

10. Tenterfield Shire Primary

Winner:  Karri Thomas

Oracles Prize:  Eleanor Parker

12. Open - Secondary

Winner:  Ambre Woodward (T.H.S.)